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About Replenish Health & Wellness Center

About the Practice

Replenish Health & Wellness Center provides comprehensive antiaging, integrative, and family medicine to men and women in Long Island, New York. The expert practitioners offer a team approach to promoting health and wellness. Every man and woman who steps foot in the practice is seen by a licensed medical professional, functional medicine chiropractor, and registered nurse. All treatments are rendered by licensed medical professionals under the direction of the medical director. 

Using a functional, integrative approach that sees patients as a whole person, with physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional dimensions, the practice seeks to help clients change their lifestyles so they can achieve optimal health.

The goal of the practice is to enhance every patient’s quality of life and overall appearance by combining wellness and integrative therapies with the utmost personalized care.

Replenish Health & Wellness combines valuable health and wellness strategies from conventional medicine, functional medicine, aesthetic medicine, holistic medicine, and fitness and nutrition in one location. 

Patients benefit from IV vitamin therapy, which is customized to correct nutritional deficiencies and revitalize energy, boost immune system health, and enhance an overall sense of well-being. NAD+ infusions target patients on a cellular level to help with brainpower, vitality, and clarity.

The practice also offers cutting-edge antiaging treatments that boost skin health from the inside out — the team truly believes that the future of skin starts from within. 

Men and women in the Long Island area who are ready to take advantage of this revolutionary center for wellness and antiaging should call Replenish Health & Wellness Center today or schedule an appointment online.

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Replenish Health & Wellness Center
700 New York Avenue, Upper level
Long Island, NY 11743
Phone: 631-547-4100
Fax: 631-923-2907
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