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Replenish Health and Wellness IV infusions, Supplements & Services provided have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. The material on this website is provided for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Replenish Health and Wellness advises that you always consult a registered doctor prior to beginning any treatment or infusion program. Replenish Health and Wellness can arrange consultations with our own in-house licensed Medical Doctors if requested.

Replenish Health and Wellness provides the best IV Therapy available, using the best products and the finest medical practitioners, nurses & counseling. Replenish Health and Wellness adopted a natural and holistic approach and we pride ourselves on providing the best service and level of care available.  We produce consistent, lasting results for those seeking to feel revitalized, re-energized or recovered via our renowned variety of IV Therapy protocols. 


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Who administers and supervises my IV Vitamin Therapy?

Your IV Therapy is administered by Registered Nurses under the direct supervision of our Medical Director, Dr. Robert J. Aquino. Our medical team has extensive expertise in administering all types of intravenous nutrient therapy. Your treatment is designed and customized specifically for you.

Where do I actually have my IV Vitamin Therapy? I don't like feeling like I'm in a hospital.

Our IV treatment room is comfortable and relaxing and looks or feels nothing like a hospital. While we do encourage clients to unplug and enjoy the time for themselves, many of our clients enjoy reading a book, listening to music, or using their laptops while they have their IV nutrient therapy session.

Does it hurt?

There is slight pressure and the feeling of a pinprick sensation when the needle enters the vein. Our skilled Nurses will help you relax and breathe through the quick "stick" process.

How long will my IV nutrient therapy take?

It varies. Depending on your specific treatment, you may have a quick "IV push", which takes just a few minutes, or a longer-lasting IV drip, which may take 15-90 minutes. The more vitamins and minerals in the IV, the longer the time for it to flow.

Will my insurance cover treatment?

While we do not accept insurance, you may be able to submit the bill to your carrier for reimbursement, depending on your particular plan.

How many treatments of IV Vitamin therapy will I need?

Every case is different. It all depends on your particular condition, and your individual response to treatment. Chronic diseases often require chronic treatment. However, many of our clients report feeling symptomatic relief, more energy, and an overall sense of well-being after just one session of intravenous vitamin therapy! Please see below for more information.

When are Boutique Vitamin Infusions beneficial?

* To have that special glow when you have an upcoming social event.

* You know you will be drinking and don't want a hangover.

* You know you have an upcoming hectic, stressful day or week at work and just need  boost to get through it.

* You have a tough workout or athletic event and want that push to enhance your performance. IV Therapy can also help lessen the amount of muscle soreness after your workout or event.

Will I experience nausea during or afterwards?

While every individual is unique, there have only been a small percentage of patients that have experienced nausea during treatment. Typically this is due to the flow of vitamins and nutrients being too fast for the patients veins. In these rare cases, the flow of fluids are slowed down and the nausea generally will subside. We ensure our clients that our dedicated and informed staff will take every step necessary to ensure a pleasurable experience during their IV Vitamin treatment.

Should I eat prior to and/or after receiving a drip?

We recommend clients have a full stomach prior to receiving a drip. We also have a wide variety of organic and gluten free snacks, infused alkaline water, herbal teas (free of charge) available if hunger should arise.

Do treatment and wellness vitamin infusions require a regimen?

Yes! The following are just a few examples of Vitamin Infusions that need to be taken as a regimen.

* Treatment of such ailments as Chronic Fatigue and Intestinal Malabsorption

* To restore those depleted vitamins and minerals in your body, including B12 and D3.

* Treatment for the common cold or flu

* Overall body detox from the inside with Glutathione

* Anti-aging for better looking hair, nails and skin, including fine lines.

* Increased libido

* Energy and good mood boost

For optimum results we recommend infusions 1-2 times a week for 4-6 weeks. This timeframe is necessary for the body to achieve the maximum, long term affects of storing the vitamins in your system in order for the body to be repaired on a cellular level. By the end of the prescribed regimen, your body will have what it needs on a cellular level to keep you going and feeling good. Following the 4-6 week regimen, we recommend monthly infusions for maintenance of your overall health and well-being.

***Please note that most of these will require blood work prior to the infusion in order to determine the levels in your system.