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Feel more energized and rejuvenated after a vitamin drip treatment at Replenish in Huntington Village, New York. Whether you want to boost your athletic performance or make your skin look healthier, we have you covered. We also provide other health and beauty products and services. Browse through our gallery to learn more about what we do. 


Lauren E., Replenish Patient
From Long Island, New York

Tommi Mae of Brooklyn, New York
5 stars is not enough stars! Replenish is PHENOMENAL!!! I love them so much. I went in for the classic Myers drip with a cold and was CURED in record time!!!! Normally I get a cold for a solid week; after the drip I was back in action after 2 days. I'm still amazed and "high" 5 days later. They took such good care of us and we giggled the entire time because it was so fun. If you're considering a vitamin drip, this is absolutely the place to go. Super clean, lovely caring staff, pro team (the IV didn't hurt AT ALL), and an all-around unforgettable experience. Thank you Replenish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Milovic of Flushing, New York
I had my first Anti-Aging vitamin drip the other day. I have to say I had a lot of energy later on that night. My sleep that night was deeper, less fitful than normal. After a day went by I noticed an amazing glow to my skin which lasted a few days. I definitely want to try this again especially when I have a big event so I can get an energy boost and have my skin looking hydrated and glowing! Looking forward to my next drip!

Mike Kaufman of Huntington, New York

I went. I LOVED it. I actually relaxed and not to sound like an advertisement I actually came out feeling replenished and ready to go for the night! This is great for before a night out after a long day or a fixer-upper after a long night out! You pick!

Patrizia Gregorio of Glen Cove, New York

Great staff, very kind and knowledgeable! I felt great after my appointment and will be returning.

Suzie S of Old Westbury, New York
I had my first drip a few weeks ago, and it gave me so much energy the next day. I received a drip that only took 20-30 mins and I woke up the next morning feeling like a new person. I definitely did not need coffee the next day and was very productive! Definitely recommend Replenish! The staff is amazing and makes sure you are doing well throughout the treatment!