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NAD+ Specialist

Replenish Health & Wellness Center

Holistic, Anti-Aging, and Functional Medicine located in Long Island, NY

NAD+ therapeutic infusions are the latest in antiaging medicine. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is naturally produced in your cells in youth, but production reduces as you age. By replenishing your levels of NAD+, the practitioners at Replenish Health & Wellness Center in Long Island, New York, restore youthful vigor as well as your overall wellness. If you’re ready to experience NAD+ therapy for yourself, call the office or schedule online.

NAD+ Q & A

What is NAD IV therapy?

NAD is a metabolic co-enzyme present in your cells. It helps remodel and repair every cell in your body. You need a constant supply of NAD for this reparation to happen, but as you get older, your production of NAD naturally diminishes.

Researchers in South Africa first introduced NAD therapy in the 1960s, and it has been used as an addiction treatment in the United States since 2001. Since that time, people struggling with drug dependence have achieved super results when NAD+ is included as part of a larger addiction recovery plan.

How is NAD+ administered?

Treatments are administered with an intravenous infusion, or IV. While an aggressive treatment plan of once per day for two weeks or longer is used for people overcoming addiction, when NAD+ is used for wellness, the dose is administered in lower levels across a longer period of time.


What can NAD+ therapy do for my health?

NAD+ therapy restores your cells to a more youthful state. NAD therapy can help to:

  • Reduce cravings
  • Relieve fatigue
  • Improve brain fog
  • Boost energy
  • Improve concentration and mood

The IV delivery of NAD+ means your cells can make almost immediate use of the supplemental NAD. You experience improvements in how you feel rapidly and effectively.

NAD+ therapy is also a promising therapy for people suffering from autoimmune and neurological concerns, such as Parkinson’s disease. NAD+ IV therapy has neuroprotective effects. Because addiction causes negative changes within your brain, the ability to regenerate and protect brain cells is an exciting prospect. 

Use it to potentially discourage the development of the ailments of aging that include Alzheimer’s or dementia. The same effects that ease recovery also help improve your daily cognitive function, which enhances your overall health and wellness. 

Is NAD IV therapy safe?

When administered by medical professionals, like those at Replenish Health & Wellness Center, NAD+ IV therapy is safe. The procedure carries very few risks.

NAD+ isn’t a pharmaceutical or chemical treatment; the compound is already found in your cells. It effectively restores damaged or depleted cells.

To learn more about the natural and effective antiaging treatment of NAD+ infusions, call or schedule an appointment online today at Replenish Health & Wellness Center.

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