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Skin Treatments Specialist

Replenish Health & Wellness Center

Holistic, Anti-Aging, and Functional Medicine located in Long Island, NY

Here at Replenish Health & Wellness, we differ from other skincare facilities by incorporating a different way of looking at skin. We have married the knowledge of integrative, holistic, and mainstream medicine together to form a solid knowledge base of how vitamin nutrition, along with treatments, is so important for the inside of the body - as well as the outside!

Skin Treatments Q & A

= Dermo-IV-Nutrition

Your Bespoke skin treatment designed just for YOU!

What does Bespoke mean?





made for a particular customer or user.

"a bespoke regimen"

Before we start any treatment, a licensed medical professional will discuss and analyze your skin. Together we will create the perfect skincare and nutritional regimen that works for you and your lifestyle.

Here at Replenish Health and Wellness we combine aesthetic, antiaging, nutritional and holistic medicine into our skincare treatments based on what one is looking to accomplish.

Going back to basics we keep things simple, incorporating the needs of your skin with the needs of your body.

Be open minded as you begin to look at your skin in a different way.  Read this slowly and think about it... What is put into our body shows on the outside.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are important for your body and they also play a vital role for your skin.

With this in mind, we integrate YOUR DNA with individualized care, creating a treatment regimen backed by science.

This led us to coin the term, Dermo-IV-NutritionTM.

Let us help you think outside the box.  We've combined a unique and healthy way to look at and treat your skin.

Are you in?

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