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Feel young again


Optimize energy at the gym


Feel and look good


Viamin drips is for both men and women


As the name implies, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are combined via unique formulas and then administered intravenously. In this way, these vital nutrients are easily and directly delivered to your body. This allows for quick and maximum vitamin absorption at the cellular level.

If you are health-conscious and want to take charge of your life, vitamin drips are perfect for you. You will be in a better mood, feel more centered, and have more energy.

When you feel a cold coming on or just feel run down and need an energy boost, you can improve your immune system with a vitamin drip. It will eliminate the need to take over-the-counter medications, which take a longer time to take effect.

Other benefits of vitamin drips include the following:

Your body will absorb the medicinal benefits of vitamins in just a short amount of time. This means that your cells effectively utilize the nutrients they need to heal and function properly.

  • Your body will recover more rapidly from workouts, injuries, illnesses, and surgeries.

  • You can detox your body through powerful antioxidants and electrolytes.

  • You can speed up your metabolism.

  • You can replenish your body’s depleted supply of nutrients as a result of over the counter and prescription drug use.


Classic Myer’s Drip

Cold and Flu Therapy


Athlete Prep

Fitness Recovery

Immune Boost

Jet Lag Relief

The Hangover Drip

PMS Prep

Vitamin C Boost


Anti-Aging Infusion

Soothing Sleep

Stress Relief

Libido Enhancer

Schedule an Appointment

Email us or call our office to schedule an appointment (631) 547-4100. Please note that all new clients with medical conditions must see our doctor for a consult prior to any drip service. A blood test or blood work may be required.  Once the consultation is done, the doctor will order the drip that you need or want. You can even receive a drip on the same day!  The Doctor will contact you via phone consult or follow up visit in our office to discuss your blood results.